Rescue Me Saga

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Masters at Arms & Nobody’s Angel (Book 1–FREE e-book!)

Nook May2014ComboNobodysAngel

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Nobody’s Hero (Book 2)

Nook May2014NobodysHero

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Nobody’s Perfect (Book 3)

Nook May2014NobodysPerfect

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Somebody’s Angel (Book 4)

Nook May2014SomebodysAngel

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Nobody’s Lost (Book 5)


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Nobody’s Dream (Book 6)

April 2015 Nobodys Dream B&N

If you’d like to discuss the books (and are caught up reading them), send a friend request on Facebook to Karla Paxton and she will add you to the Rescue Me Saga Open Discussion group.


2 thoughts on “Rescue Me Saga

    • Sorry for the delay. Your message came in when we were transitioning from an old site to a new and I hope this reaches you. Yes, there will be a #7, but not right away. I’m working on a spinoff book now called ROAR with Gunnar’s cousin, Kristoffer Roar Larson and Pamela Jeffrey, Marc’s old girlfriend (who is the only one of the two to have been in the Rescue Me Saga–in Chapter 18 of Somebody’s Angel). This book is a standalone and will provide a bridge to the upcoming trilogy featuring Grant, Gunnar, and Patrick, another spinoff. These four books will keep me busy the next couple years, also I do want to do a novella with Marc and Angelina’s wedding and Damian and Savannah’s updates sometime in 2016, if they are talking to me. You can keep up with my progress on the new “In Progress” page at Thanks so much!

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